Carnival in Rome (Carnevale a Roma) in Rome

Carnival in Rome (Carnevale a Roma) in Rome

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All programming , information and schedules of events on the Carnival of Rome.Programming Rome Carnival 2014.

-Tuesday February 25

21:00 Official h.Presentación the Palacarvè Majutin and Stevulin 2014.

- Thursday February 27 .

20:30 h.Giobi Grass: Performance of dancing in the streets of Rome

- Saturday March 1

20:45 h.Llegada the famous masks in the streets of Rome .

22:00 h.Veglione dancing PalaCarvè

-Sunday March 2

10:15 arrival to the statue Praline Piazza Roma- procession through the city.

14:30 Masked h.Concuso , historic day Carnival Santhiá .

22:00 h.Veglione dancing PalaCarvè

- Monday, March 3

12:00 h.Colosal Fagiuolata ( bread , sausage , beans and wine for about 20,000 people)

16:00 h.Baile children PalaCarvè

20:00 h.Curso of floats and masked masked night with spectacular and lighting solutions .

22:30 h.Veglione dancing PalaCarvè

- Tuesday, March 4

Gianduja traditional h.Juegos 10:00

14:30 Masked h.2 º amazing day course with prizes for the winners.

21:30 Babaciu h.Incendio the square in Rome.

22:00 hVeglione dancing PalaCarvè ( Free admission )

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